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That’s right Supernatural writers, you make sure 8 seasons down the road the fandom remembers what a dick John Winchester was to Dean.

  • It’s not like John apologised for how he treated him
  • Or overcame possession from Yellow eyes to save him
  • Or sacrificed himself so that Sam and Dean could kill the demon he had been hunting for over 25 years
  • Or wished a normal life for his boys after the life he gave them
  • Or cried for them
  • Or went to HELL so that Dean could live

But I guess were just going to forget all Season 1 character development for that character and keep poking the overused ‘Bad Dad’ storyline.

*slow clap*

Thank you.

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#john’s journal is fringe canon but let’s still break it down birthday by birthday #your fifth birthday you dad comments on your talent with guns #your sixth he still hasn’t even enrolled you into school #ninth ‘he might not finish third grade’ #you get your first gun when you turn eleven #twelve years old and you’re already trying to temper your father’s guilt - ‘he’s taking his cues from me’ #fourteen you go on a date and your father remarks #’if i’m not careful with him by the time he’s twenty he’ll have left a trail of kids and arrest warrants all over the country’ #fifteen and sixteen you’re hunting - ‘i think i’ll let him take the lead’#seventeen - your first solo hunt. are you ready to start killing the things that will#eventually #wind up killing you #you get the impala on your eighteen and by your twentith you’re alone #because the impala was never a rite of passage it was almost a dismissal #twenty-one and your dad doesn’t even bother to buy you a celebratory drink because your drinking is already commonplace #he sits and writes in his journal ‘he’s a scam artist a ladies’ man and an absolutely loyal son.’ #’i’m proud of him’ #and he congratulates himself on a job well done #’i’ve spent the last sixteen years afraid that i was going to screw him up somehow’ #’maybe now I can forget about that.’ #flames on the side of my face etc (via onedropout)

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dean in the background though

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I think there will forever be a part of John that’s within Dean. He’s a product of his father’s dream and will forever be. I think his ideology might have changed over time – and that’s an amazing thing that I get to say, that this character has evolved in his ideology because the show’s gone on so long, that’s such a great thing — but I think Dean has grown, but there’s a base principle learned from his father that he reverts to. He’s also come into his own, he’s his own person, it’s not What Would John Do, it’s What Would Dean Do.
— Jensen answering Do you think that Dean still idolizes John? (x)
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“Two weeks ago, my wife was murdered. I watched her die, pinned to the ceiling of Sammy’s room, blood dripping onto his cradle until she burst into flames—looking at me as she died. The week before that, we were a normal family … eating dinner, going to Dean’s T-ball game, buying toys for baby Sammy. But in an instant, it all changed … When I try to think back, get it straight in my head … I feel like I’m going crazy. Like someone ripped both my arms off, plucked my eyes out … I’m wandering around, alone and lost, and I can’t do anything.”

“I want my wife back. Oh God, I want her back.”  

-John Winchester’s diary

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